Thank You

Thank you, to all that took the time to study the issues, the candidates and then voted on Tuesday in the primary. Voting is a privilege and an honor. I often think of those present and in the past that have given so much to protect our great nation and helped keep this privilege of voting.

I spent most of the summer knocking on doors. When I knocked on a door l was never sure what kind of reception l might receive. I started to call this, with some tongue in cheek, my mini town hall meetings.  I did in fact talk to a lot of people. What I found talking to you, you had questions. You were inquiring. You wanted to know. It ranged from the things I was doing and my plans for the ?xture, asking about certain bills, the amendments, a whole host of questions from the silly to I did not know the answer. You were studying the issues and the candidates.  You had good common sense approaches on many of our problems. This gave me hope, hope for our community, our families, our sons and daughters and our grandchildren. It makes me proud to live in a district like this. It makes me work harder, because I want to be a part of this. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to continue serving you as your representative. I am humbled and honored tor this privilege to work for you in your government.

Thank you,

Jeff Justus