Missouri Right To Life

June 26,2014

Dear Mr. Justus,
Missouri Right to Life Political Action Committee is pleased to endorse your candidacy
for the primary election being held August 5,2014. This endorsement represents our
selection of you as the only candidate in your race who will be an effective voice for the
protection of innocent human life.
Missouri Right to Life is the leading pro-life advocacy organization statewide,
representing thousands of pro-life Missourim. We are dedicated to promoting the right
to life of all persons, especially those who are unborn, disabled or elderly. Legislation
ensuring the right to life is crucial to achieving our goals; thus, the election of pro-life
candidates is of the utmost importance.
We take great care in choosing candidates to support in elections. In addition to survey
responses and pro-life involvement in the community, we also consider past pro-life
leadership, sponsorship and voting records both in committee and on the floor.
We thank you for your desire and efforts to protect the lives of the vulnerable in our
society. We hope our efforts will be helpful to you and look forward to working with you
in the days ahead.
Dave Plernrnons